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Dell Suck

November 2008 • Daniel Lucraft

Here’s why:

  1. Dell call centres are useless. They know nothing. But they still tell you that everything is fine.
  2. The call centres in fact lied to me 3 times when I was placing my order. First when they said they would charge my credit card by the end of the business day, and then two times when they told me that a call I had received from Dell was just a routine check when in fact it was the Sales team needing to confirm my delivery address.
  3. It took Dell over 24 hours to process my order. Yes, the transaction was declined for security by the bank. But I authorized it again within one hour and it doesn’t take most companies a full day to recover.
  4. They make up delivery dates they have no intention of keeping. I precisely predicted the last change they made to the delivery date before they made it. Therefore the delivery date cannot be related to the actual status of my order, but can only be made up.
  5. They give a bullshit reason for why the delivery date is slipping: they say there is “high demand for your item”. You see Dell, either that high demand happened before I placed my order, in which case you already new about it when you gave me my first delivery estimate, or the high demand happened after I placed my order, in which case you are letting people jump ahead of me in the queue. You suck either way.

In short, Dell suck.

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