Dan Lucraft

Welcome to my homepage! This page is always under construction.
I'm always happy to get emails from new people.

Work in London

I've been Chief Architect at Songkick, Head of Engineering at CharlieHR, and I work now as a technical advisor to great startups like Stairway.

If your startup has technical issues, or your development team is lacking senior level developers and could do with some direction, contact me and I'd be glad to help you figure it out.


I know a lot about the programming languages Ruby and JS, and I'm starting to adopt Rust.
My degree was in probability and maths is still a big interest, just for fun.
I'm fascinated by learning and memory. Ideas for new note-taking techniques excite me more than is normal.


Sometimes I make things and put them online.
I've had a tech blog forever.

In open source, I've done a few projects over the years: