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Rails Rumble

September 2007 • Daniel Lucraft

I’m browsing through the entries to the Rails Rumble and here are some that stand out:

  • Brevity - super sleek notetaking.
  • What’s Your Habit? - starting positive habits using Seinfeld style chains.
  • Cocial - Use it to collaborate on projects. Includes an integrated text editor and subversion support. Very very impressive. Sure they cut and pasted the editor from somewhere else, but they’ve put it together well into a nice package.

Common elements:

  • Super easy to grasp what each one does. (Except perhaps Cocial, but they make it up by being awesome.)
  • They work! (There are many that don’t).
  • Attractive design. (Yes it’s shallow but it makes a difference.)

Voting starts on Wednesday.

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