Hi, I'm Dan. I'm into technology. Here's all my stuff.

Technology Blog


  • Head of Engineering, CharlieHR
    2017 - present Old Street, London
  • Head of Tech Ops, Songkick
    2015 - 2016 Hoxton, London
  • Chief Architect, Songkick
    2013 - 2015 Hoxton, London
  • Technical Lead, Songkick
    2011 - 2012 Hoxton, London
  • Senior Developer, Songkick
    2008 - 2011 Hoxton, London


  • Postgraduate Study
    Study into hybrid algorithms, particularly integer programming and local search combinations.
    2004 - 2008 Imperial College
  • Master of Mathematics
    Specialty in Probability. Dissertation in classification of Markov Chains.
    2000 - 2004 Durham University

My Open Source Projects

The more complete of the open source projects I've written over the years

  • A naive simplex implementation in pure-Ruby. Blog post
    project December 2013
  • A Git implementation in pure JavaScript
    project April 2011
  • A gem that contains everything necessary to write cross platform desktop applications with JRuby and SWT. Used by the Shoes project and Redcar.
    project 2009-2012
  • A Ruby text editor running on JRuby.
    project 2008-2011
  • A simple Twitter clone to show off Redis. Blog post
    project May 2009
  • A clone of Ack, a grep replacement, in Ruby.
    project August 2008

My Open Source Contributions

The open source projects I have had patches accepted on:

  • Wrote the graph profiler available with --profile.graph, and the Ruby profiler API. Blog post
    contribution 2011
  • Minor contribution to the compiler, improving the parsing of splats.
    contribution Summer 2008


  • Cross-platform desktop apps in JRuby
    Using JRuby, SWT, Cucumber and swtbot together to quickly write desktop applications. Also some thoughts on Rubygems and JRuby style.
    August 2011 JRubyConf 2011
  • Redcar: Hack your editor in Ruby
    How to contribute to the Redcar project.
    April 2011 Red Dirt Ruby Conf
  • It's Time For a Ruby Editor
    Why are there no editors written in Ruby in wide use?
    November 2010 RubyConf X Video
  • Introduction to JRuby
    What is JRuby? Why use it? How to start testing Java projects with JRuby
    October 2010 BBC
  • Denormalizing Your Rails Application
    How to use asynchronous observers over RabbitMQ and MongoDB for easy Rails caching.
    April 2010 Scotland Ruby Conference
    November 2009 Ruby Manor II Video
  • Redcar
    Redcar is now on JRuby, and rewritten to be more extensible.
    January 2010 London Ruby User Group Video
  • Redcar: Ruby, Gnome and Textmate
    Redcar is a programmer's text editor for Gnome, written in Ruby.
    March 2009 London Ruby User Group
  • Top 10 Horrendous Ruby Hacks
    The ten worst ways to abuse the Ruby language.
    August 2008 London Ruby User Group
  • Rak
    A lightning talk on Rak, the Ruby grep replacement.
    April 2008 London Ruby User Group Video